Session 17

Dravago 8-19, 998 YK

Paadra Dhakaan explains that she has been sent from the Seawall Mountains by the Dirge Singer Tuura Dhakaan. Part of her mission was to aid the Band in specific ways. She appraises and Identifies all the items the Band brought from Arkagun’s Tomb, and recites the tale of Arkagun. In return for some minor items, she removes Scylien’s curse and restores her to health, and determines how Jager can activate his crystal sword. She then settles cross-legged to the ground, meditating.

During the night, Paadra’s humming draws the characters into a deep sleep, and each has a dream involving a friend or loved one who has died, possibly providing guidance about the future. Furthermore, on Jager’s watch, Kira says that his family needs him, and he vanishes.

The next day, the Band continues down the mountain, eventually reaching the desert, and finally the Talenta Plains proper. Soon they encounter an odd party comprised of halflings from three clans, among them Jenna’s Uncle Milo and Jager’s old comrade Fixit the Warforged.

An amazing journey brought Fixit to Jenna’s clan, where he saw the Band in a scrying crystal. This prompted Milo to put together an expedition. The coincidence disturbs Jager, but everyone is focused again when they learn raiders have sold the body of Jenna’s mother to a rogue Karrnathi commander near the border. The Karrnathi has been acquiring halfling corpses to create his own private undead army.

Jenna vows to recover her mother, and perhaps this act will allow her father to save face and accept Jenna’s rejection of an arranged marriage.



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