Session 29

Barrakas 7, 998 YK

The Band of the Nine Towers engages Jenna’s mother and her minions. After a hard fought battle, the Band emerges victorious and retains the artifacts. The cost is steep: Azereen, Saelah, Scylien, and Fixit are slain, while the Cleric serving Jenna’s mother escapes through a teleporter.

Jager and Mila bring the bodies of the slain into the teleportation room. After a number of attempts, they hit upon the code phrase that activates the magic and transports the Band into an unused room in Kith’takharos Keep.

Jenna rests and recovers her spells. The following day she reincarnates Azereen and Fixit. Saelah’s and Scylien’s spirits do not wish to enter a new body. Azereen returns as a male Half-orc and Fixit as a male Half-elf. Fixit marvels at his new senses and the odd appendage that swings between his thighs.

Soon a representative of the Dragons of Argonesson approaches the Band and requests the artifacts. Jager wishes to be free of them; however, he wants something in return. So they strike a deal where the representative divulges the location of a downed but serviceable airship in return for the artifacts.


Well, hopefully it isn’t postponed for too long! Also, great job on all the detail! You always post very thorough summaries, which is nice considering all the campaigns with little to no detail at all.

Session 29

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