Session 4

Olarune 26 - Therendor 13, 998 YK

At the freshwater spring, Skan’pa suddenly says, “Mass instantaneous travel has been lost for many thousands of years.”

Jager discovers that a passage beneath the spring leads to the abandoned extradimensional work area of the Harlass Orn scholar Zzhastor Brune. While he, Kira, and Jenna explore the work area, Skan’pa stays behind to guard the rear. Unfortunately, Skan’pa is ambushed by swamp plant poachers and killed.

The surviving group members find a hidden magical-mechanical device with a broken gear in Zzhastor Brune’s office. The gear, and Skan’pa’s belongings, are gathered for the return trip to Kith’takharos. On the way, Jager scares off a group of poachers led by Huygens Tierney.

Patch repairs the gear while the archaeologist Yavanna Culand organizes a return expedition to the spring. Yavanna mentions the Bard Scylien as a possible replacement for Skan’pa, and this indeed occurs.

The expedition guards the spring while the group enters the work area. They replace the gear and activate the mechanism. This apparently teleports them to a pentagonal tower off the coast of a jungle land. The Draconic number “2” is carved above the door. The group finds a backpack in the tower and a mithral grappling hook with Aundairian military markings.

The teleporter is bidirectional, so that the group can return and report to Yavanna. She has the expedition break down a boat for transport to the tower, and the group prepares to take the boat to the coast.



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