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The Kith’takharos Campaign has most likely ended. The fault lay with me, not the players. After twenty-nine sessions, some points are clear.

First, I am weary of D&D 3.5. I have reached a place where I no longer enjoy this game system when I am a GM, and I cannot stand to continue with it.

Second, Eberron is not my setting. I find that I cannot get into a setting as GM, no matter how well detailed, if I did not create it.

Third, the sum of the previous two points is that the campaign must end. We play to have fun, and I am not having fun.

There were many fine and memorable moments in the campaign, but now I must put it aside. Other campaigns will follow, though with a different system of game mechanics and a different setting. Perhaps I will choose Savage Worlds or EarthDawn; I have not yet decided.


It sucks the hear that it’s not going well, but I totally agree about the fun aspect. The GM is there to have fun too, and if that’s not happening, then it’s time for a change. Sigh We hate to lose such popular campaigns…

I hear good things about Savage Worlds. There’s one guy over at Fear the Boot who can’t stop blabbing about it.

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Sorry to double comment, but I just saw that if you can’t stand 3.5 anymore, you can trade your 3.5 PHB for a free copy of Exalted Sounds like it might be right up your alley :)

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