A Warforged Artificer


Fixit Male Artificer 5

HD 5d6+5
hp 35
Init +2
Spd 30
AC 15 (FF 13, Touch 12)

Atk +3 base melee, +5 base ranged; Grapple +3;
  • +6 Ranged (Crossbow, light, Masterwork 1d8/crit 19-20/x2);
  • +3 Melee (Mace, heavy 1d8/crit 20/x2);
  • +3 Melee (Slam 1d4/crit 20/x2);

SQ: Immunity: Poison (Ex), Immunity: Sleep Effects (Ex), Immunity: Paralysis (Ex), Immunity: Disease (Ex), Immunity: Fatigue (Ex), Immunity: Exhaustion (Ex), No Natural Healing (Ex), Immunity: Nausea (Ex), Vulnerability: Chill Metal (Ex), Vulnerability: Heat Metal (Ex), Vulnerability: Repel Metal or Stone (Ex), Vulnerability: Repel Wood (Ex), Vulnerability: Rusting Grasp (Ex), Can be raised or resurrected (Ex), Light Fortification (Ex), Immunity: Energy Drain (Ex), Action Points Dice Rolled 1, Action Points 7 Artificer Features: Craft Reserve 100, Artificer Knowledge, Artisan Bonus, Scribe Scroll, Item Creation (Ex), Disable Trap, Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Bonus Feat, Craft Homunculus (Ex), Retain Essence (Su), Craft Magic Arms and Armor;

Saves: Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +4

Abilities: STR 10, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 14

Skills: Balance +1, Climb -1, Craft (Alchemy) +13, Craft (Armorsmithing) +13, Disable Device +13, Escape Artist +1, Hide +1, Jump -1, Move Silently +1, Open Lock +12, Search +11, Spellcraft +11, Swim -2, Use Magic Device +15.

Feats: Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Armor Proficiency: medium, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Craft Wondrous Item, Shield Proficiency, Aberrant Dragonmark, Precise Shot, Scribe Scroll, Armor Proficiency: light, Extraordinary Artisan, Point Blank Shot.

Artificer Spells Prepared (—/4/4/2): .

Weapons: Acid (flask) x3; Alchemist`s fire x3; Bolts, crossbow (10) x3; Crossbow, light, Masterwork; Dagger; Mace, heavy; Tanglefoot bag x3. Armor: Warforged: Composite plating. Shields: Buckler. (Spell Failure 10%). Goods: Alchemist`s lab; Alchemists`s tools, Masterwork; Armorsmith`s tools, Masterwork; Bandoleer, Masterwork; Coin: gp (59); Coin: sp (6); Thieves` tools, Masterwork. Magic: Bag of Holding, type I; Belt of Artifice; Scroll of Blur (3); Scroll of Calm Emotions (3); Scroll of Comprehend Languages (1); Scroll of Darkvision (3); Scroll of Enlarge Person (1); Scroll of Entropic Shield (1); Scroll of Expeditious Retreat (1) x2; Potion of Feather Fall (1); Scroll of Feather Fall (1); Scroll of Glitterdust (3); Scroll of Grease (1); Scroll of Hide from Undead (1); Infinite Scrollcase; Wand of Invisibility (3) (Charges: 50); Scroll of Jump (1); Scroll of Knock (3); Scroll of Obscuring Mist (1); Potion of Protection from Evil (1); Scroll of Remove Fear (1); Potion of Repair Light Damage (1) x2; Potion of Repair Moderate Damage (3) x2; Potion of Restoration, Lesser (3) x2; Scroll of Shatter (3); Potion of Shield (1); Scroll of Silence (3); Talisman of Transferance; Scroll of Tenser`s Floating Disk (1); Scroll of Unseen Servant (1); Wand Sheath (embedded).


APPEARANCE: Fixit is a smaller than average Warforged and appears to have been designed more for utilitarian functions than combat. The numerous pouches and potions hanging on his frame also point this conclusion. Fixit appears to have seen better days as his armor plating is tarnished and dented in places. Other than the obvious markings of a Warforged from Cyre, his only distinguishing feature is the Red Wyvern design on his chest. This appears to be the marking of a military unit of some sort.

HISTORY: Fixit was created to be an Artificer for the Cyrian army. Little is known about him before he was assigned as a support unit for an elite military squad called the Band of the Red Wyvern. Stoic, even by Warforged standards, Fixit made an excellent soldier; he rarely spoke unless he was personally addressed and he always followed orders to the best of his ability. In fact he earned distinction amongst his unit for showing intiative and creativity on the battlefield. Fixit was with the Band on the Day of Mourning and was belived to have been deactivated along with the rest of his unit on that tragic day. How he might have survived the Mourning, and his whereabouts for the last four years are a mystery that only the enigmatic Warforged can solve.


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