Thelig, Koran

Famous Ranger in Kith'takharos


All the citizens of Kith’takharos know the Ranger Koran Thelig and his exploits. He has hunted the fiercest beasts and rescued lost harvesters and explorers. He has visited overgrown Harlass Orn ruins and survived a host of dangers. He dedicates these deeds to Lady ir’Salmissra, which further endears him to the populace. There is no better swamp guide than Koran.

Koran often kneels on the shore near the docks, telling stories of his adventures to the young. Most of these tales have some truth to them, and Koran is careful to repeat his embellishments in the same way each time.

During the Last War, Koran served as a Brelish scout. He was stationed near Vathirond and was instrumental in stopping a surprise Warforged advance into Breland from Cyre. This is one story he does not tell around Kith’takharos.

Koran is relatively tall, standing over six feet in height. His deep, green eyes and cocky smile have earned him the eyes of many women in Kith’takharos. Koran looks younger than his forty-one years; he claims this is due to the amenable climate and the application of beneficial swamp plants. He usually dresses in simple clothes with a gold earring in his left ear. When he travels, he dons armor made from swamp plants, with his precious sword at his side and his daggers in hidden sheaths. Koran cleans and oils his sword often, for it was a gift from Lady Victoria ir’Salmissra.

Thelig, Koran

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