Ocnita, Niki

Prominent Artificer in Kith'takharos


Niki was born in Kith’takharos soon after his parents arrived, seeking refuge from some outside conflict. They died when he was still a boy, and never told him what they left behind. For a time, Niki ran the streets of Kith’takharos without a permanent home.

Stavros Cennish noticed the boy observing his work at the Tipped Cup almost every day. After a few weeks, Stavros decided that Niki’s interest was genuine, and allowed the boy inside for a closer look. Niki showed a talent for crafting magical items and soon became Stavros’ apprentice. After Stavros died seven years ago, Niki inherited the business.

Niki is known for his attention to detail and impatience with incompetence. He creates many minor magical items used by the Order of the Jade Leaf in its harvesting activities, as well as enchantments used in the processing of swamp plants. The Warforged Patch assists Niki in these endeavors.

Ocnita, Niki

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