Originally from Cyre, Patch escaped the Day of Mourning and arrived in Kith’takharos about two years ago. He now works for the Artificer Niki Ocnita at the Tipped Cup.

Patch is also the Forgebrother of Fixit, a comrade of Jager Cull. Warforged created in the same “batch” at a particular Cannith forge often call themselves Forgebrothers. Both Fixit and Patch belong to a batch that became Artificers.

Patch and Fixit were assigned to different Cyran units after leaving the forge. However, they still retained a latent link that could be activated by certain types of stress or extreme circumstances, such as when Fixit died and was brought back to life by Vol. Now Patch can sense the location of his Forgebrother over distances up to at least a couple hundred miles.


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