ir'Salmissra, Victoria

Leader of Kith'takharos


Victoria ir’Salmissra is the granddaughter of Therese ir’Salmissra, the first leader of Kith’takharos. She is still a young woman, and has only governed the Kith’takharos for ten years. Her first official act was to appoint Dorian Orsova as leader of the Order of the Jade Leaf. She works closely with him to maintain the monopoly of local swamp plant products.

Noble families outside the swamp have followed the rising prosperity of Kith’takharos. Despite the unappetizing climate of the swamp, numerous young men of noble birth have sought the hand of Lady ir’Salmissra. Even King Sebastes ir’Kesslan desires her hand in marriage, though she has refused him multiple times. The people of Kith’takharos gossip about whom she might eventually marry.

ir'Salmissra, Victoria

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