Culand, Yavanna

Archaeologist of the Order of the Jade Leaf


Long interested in extinct reptilian civilizations, Yavanna Culand jumped at the chance to relocate in Kith’takharos when Lady ir’Salmissra extended an offer three years ago. Yavanna is the official archaeologist of the Order of the Jade Leaf and reports to Dorian Orsova. She has extensively investigated Harlass Orn ruins at Kith’takharos and nearby islands, and deciphered numerous ancient writings and inscriptions.

Yavanna loves her job, and once she starts talking about the Harlass Orn, few things can make her stop. Lecturing is perhaps a better way to describe her encyclopedic expositions on every aspect of swamp archaeology. Speaking so fast that she barely has time to breathe, Yavanna often completes her points out of breath. Then she launches into the next topic before her audience can respond. Even Dorian Orsova seldom seeks her out, unless he has pressing business or some hours to spare.

Culand, Yavanna

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