Sessions 18 and 19
Dravago 19 - Nymm 12, 998 YK

Jenna ends her relationship with her dinosaur companion Flash, hoping to find a younger and tougher mount. Then the Band parts ways with her Uncle Milo and heads north; Flash accompanies Milo. However, Flash soon returns, and Jenna has no success acquiring a new mount.

In the northern Talenta plains, the Band finds tracks created by a mounted party. Jenna turns into a bird and scouts ahead, encountering a Karrnathi patrol heading north with halfling corpses. When about a day’s travel behind the patrol, the characters are ambushed by Karrnathi Skeleton Warriors and Archers. The skeletons are cunningly hidden beneath the ground, which softens to free them as the Band crosses. The ambush puts the characters on their heels, but they rally to defeat the skeletons.

After the battle, Jenna scouts ahead as a bird, and in the night she finds the ruins of a walled town, patrolled by undead. She also observes a maniacally laughing man standing before a bonfire. The Band of the Nine Towers enters the walled town the following day. No soldiers oppose them and the undead ignore them. In fact, there is no evidence of the Karrnathi at all.

The Band enters the only building, which appears to be a temple of some sort. An odd symbol, an eye with a red pupil that cries a single red tear, appears in various locations within the temple. The characters descend an elevator to a lower level, fighting a few more skeletons along the way. Finally, they reach the final room, and face a human Sorceror and Jenna’s undead mother. In a difficult battle, the Sorceror immolates himself in an attenpt to destroy the Band; this only kills Fixit. Jenna’s mother retreats further into the room and somehow escapes.

Fixit revives and says that he was raised for an unknown purpose by a power related to the dread Vol. Fixit knows that they must journey back to Q’barra, and the region of Haka’torvhak, if they are to catch Jenna’s mother, who has become an undead of great power.

Session 17
Dravago 8-19, 998 YK

Paadra Dhakaan explains that she has been sent from the Seawall Mountains by the Dirge Singer Tuura Dhakaan. Part of her mission was to aid the Band in specific ways. She appraises and Identifies all the items the Band brought from Arkagun’s Tomb, and recites the tale of Arkagun. In return for some minor items, she removes Scylien’s curse and restores her to health, and determines how Jager can activate his crystal sword. She then settles cross-legged to the ground, meditating.

During the night, Paadra’s humming draws the characters into a deep sleep, and each has a dream involving a friend or loved one who has died, possibly providing guidance about the future. Furthermore, on Jager’s watch, Kira says that his family needs him, and he vanishes.

The next day, the Band continues down the mountain, eventually reaching the desert, and finally the Talenta Plains proper. Soon they encounter an odd party comprised of halflings from three clans, among them Jenna’s Uncle Milo and Jager’s old comrade Fixit the Warforged.

An amazing journey brought Fixit to Jenna’s clan, where he saw the Band in a scrying crystal. This prompted Milo to put together an expedition. The coincidence disturbs Jager, but everyone is focused again when they learn raiders have sold the body of Jenna’s mother to a rogue Karrnathi commander near the border. The Karrnathi has been acquiring halfling corpses to create his own private undead army.

Jenna vows to recover her mother, and perhaps this act will allow her father to save face and accept Jenna’s rejection of an arranged marriage.

Session 16
Dravago 7-8, 998 YK

The Band enters a large chamber dominated by a full-sized sailing ship. Barrels and crates of perfectly preserved food are stored in the ship’s hold; in fact, Scylien enjoys some “fresh” fruit.

A careful search reveals four shallow depressions on one of the chamber walls. Someone remembers the gems inscribed with the elemental symbols, discovered much earlier in stone coffins. These gems fit perfectly within the depressions, and a large section of wall slides away to reveal another room containing a stone sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus contains Arkagun’s remains and some attractive loot. However, Arkagun’s Guardian soon rises to challenge the Band. The Guardian is tough and resistant to magic, but some quick thinking by Jager evens the odds. He slips a Necklace of Strangulation around its neck. While this does not strangle the Guardian, since it does not breathe, it does restrict its movement so that it can be struck more easily. Eventually, the creature is slain.

The victory teleports the Band to the entrance of the tomb, which is now open. They walk up the incline towards the surface and find a most incongruous scene. A female Hobgoblin tends a campfire and cooks food; everyone’s stomach rumbles in anticipation. She sees them and says, “The Wordbearers have expected you. Come and eat, you must be hungry. Then we will talk, and you will tell me what you have found.” The cold sun has begun its descent to late afternoon.

Sessions 14 and 15
Dravago 5-7, 998 YK

Further exploration leads to a teleporter that deposits the Band in an entirely new area of the complex. There is no way back, so they must continue forward. The Band advances room by room, foiling traps, triggering traps, and encountering monsters. The most dangerous battle occurs against two Clay Golems; without Kira’s powerful constructs, the battle would likely have been lost.

Session 13
Dravago 4-5, 998 YK

The Band continues exploring the underground complex. They wonder at its purpose, and Scylien surmises that the elemental symbols found throughout the rooms and corridors may be related to some obscure Dhakanni cult.

Progress is slow, although valuable gems and precious metals are found. The most dangerous moment occurs when Scylien disturbs a Hobgoblin mummy that debilitates some of her Bardic abilities with a disease.

Session 12
Eyre 27-Dravago 4, 998 YK

The Band of the Nine Towers finds the remnants of an ancient road near the Transit Tower in the Endworld Mountains. They follow this for most of a week until a crevasse bars the path. The obstacle is crossed without incident.

On the other side, Kira finds a marble tablet buried amongst some old building stones. Draconic words representing the four elements are carved into the tablet. When Kira steps upon the tablet, the ground below him collapses. Kira, Jager, and Scylien tumble down an incline and come to rest near a large granite block. The tunnel behind them is blocked by rubble.

Eventually, a path is cleared and Jenna joins them. Jager figures out how to open the block, and the Band enters an underground structure filled with creatures, traps, and hopefully much wealth. The exploration begins.

Session 11
Eyre 13-27, 998 YK

The characters prepare for a long journey to New Cyre. The proposed route will take them north around the Mournland. The first stop will be the Transit Tower in the Endworld Mountains, and perhaps this prompts Jager to suggest the group adopt the name Band of the Nine Towers This journey will traverse thousands of miles, and may take years.

Session 10
Eyre 6-13, 998 YK

The group returns to Kith’takharos to wrap up some loose ends and plan their next adventure. Jenna gives Yatonshtel’s Druidic staff to Keyosaleigh. Jager meets Lady ir’Salmissra and gains permission to interrogate Huygens Tierney, but learns little about the man who hired Tierney to kill them. Scylien converses with Koran Thelig before a performance at the Sheltering Frond, and learns that the Ranger served in the Brelish army during the Last War.

Then the entire group negotiates with Patch and Niki Ocnita to discover the powers of the crystal sword Jager recovered from Marek’s Museum. In return for this service, they give up the Mask of Vol also found in the museum. The Artificers plan to drain the mask of magical power.

However, neither Patch nor Niki can determine the sword’s powers, and so the group travels with Yavanna Culand to Newthrone. She hopes to access better libraries that may hold clues to the nature of the sword.

Jager does not discover the Name of the sword, but he does learn that he can sacrifice a portion of his life energy to activate it. Then the crystal turns a faint red color, and the sword improves Jager’s fighting prowess.

Session 9
Eyre 4-6, 998 YK

Now only an hour or two behind the elves, the group treks from Tower 9 towards the massive volcano. Soon they reach a three-tiered temple complex in the same architectural style as the ziggurats near Tower 4.

Once more, lizardfolk guard the main ziggurat, and refuse the characters passage. A battle ensues, and two tough lizardfolk are killed; at least one other escapes into a secret passage within the temple complex. Kira figures out the Draconic phrase that opens the passage, and the chase continues. Along the way the characters find a dead Rakshasha at the bottom of a pit, and outwit a room with animating statues of lizardfolk warriors. The fleeing warrior is never found.

Finally, at the lowest point of the tunnels, the group encounters the elf Ranger Taloniegh and his dead wife, the Druid Yatonshtel. The elves killed the dead Rakshasha, but Yatonshtel was then killed by another that escaped. Taloniegh gives up the Empiricon Codex to Scylien, and Jenna gives his wife a Druidic burial.

Remarkably, Taloniegh’s son Keyosaleigh lives in Kith’takharos. Jenna plans to give him Yatonshtel’s Druidic staff. The group copies the book and returns the original to the Bright Water lizardfolk, while Taloniegh continues toward the volcano, seeking an artifact he thinks will protect his Eldeen Reaches village. He never really wanted the Empiricon Codex; that was just an opportunistic theft.

The group prepares for the return to Kith’takharos.

Session 8
Eyre 1-4, 998 YK

Jager, Scylien, and Jenna finish off the lizardfolk Sorceror wielding the light weapon. They also discover that the bodies of Kira and Flash are missing, although a clear trail leads west along the riverbank.

The trail ends at the village of the Fast Waters pygmy lizardfolk, worshippers of the god Semuanya. In fact, Semuanya told the village Shaman that the group would be passing through, and to give them whatever aid they required. Thus, Kira and Flash were spirited away before they could die, and subsequently healed.

The Shaman then describes how to find another tower in the Crimson River delta. The group reaches Tower 8 in two days, which teleports them to Tower 9. Along the way, Jager has a dream where he fights a Rakshasha masquerading as his mother, and the group has a waking vision of possibly the same Rakshasha.

Tower 9 lay within sight of a smoking volcano.


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