Twenty Questions answered by Azereen:

1. Where were you born? I am not sure where I was born. You see I do not remember much of my childhood and my parents are not around to ask. I did grow up in a small hamlet about 60 miles south of Valenar in an orphanage.

2. When is your birthday? There I am also at a loss. My mother being Elven, was not in the practice of celebrating birthdays so I am unsure of when other than in the autumn, I think.

3. What is your mother’s name and profession? My mother’s name is Myrah. She is from the family ######. Before we were separated, because of the war, she was a great Priestess of %%%. It has been years since I have seen her and yet have found no trace of what happened to her or where she is now. I am not even sure if she is still alive.

4. What is your father’s name and profession? Hans was his name and he was a fighter in the War. While he was home on leave, the town was attacked by a group of Hobgoblins. I was only 7 at the time but I remember it as if it were yesterday. The Hobgoblin Chieftain took my father’s shield marked with his family crest. Someday, I will find it and be able to return it to its rightful place. Maybe then I will be able to find out more about my past and where my family came from.

5. Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their names and professions? There is a story I remember hearing, when I was very small, from my mother about a half brother Veramir. His father was Elven. I know nothing else about it.

6. Who is your favorite relative? Why? I do not have one because I do not know any of them.

7. Who is your least favorite relative? Why? Again, I do not have one because I do not know any of them.

8. What is your worst fear? Why? I have the fear of falling whenever i am close to a cliff, or a tower, I’ll always stand to the back whenever possible.

9. Who is your best friend? Why?

10. Who is your worst enemy? Why? I have vowed to do my best to greatly reduce the number of Hobgoblin that infect our world! In doing so, I hope to find the family shield and avenge my father’s death.

11. What was the lowest point in your life? knowing that i am neather an elf or human and never feel like i belong.

12. What was the highest point of your life? Finding a group that accepts me for who i am.

13. What is your most treasured possession? Why? Before my mother and I were separated, she gave me her handkerchief to hold on a cut on my finger. I never had the chance to give it back to her.

14. What is your favorite non-class related hobby? Study of the supernatural & paranormal

15. What is your favorite food and drink? That would be Roast Duckling!

16. What is your least favorite food and drink? There is nothing that I have not liked or at least been willing to try.

17. What deity do you worship? Why? I follow the Traveler. To me, he represents the road that is before me.

18. Why do you have the alignment that you do? I do not judge anyone,and always think through every situation.As for good and evil, they are just lables people use to justify there means.After all the difference between good and evil is, the side of the fence you choose to stand.

19. Why are you the class that you are? I didnot choose to become a sorrcer, I was the chosen one.

20. Why are you adventuring? Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kith'takharos Jenna