Band of the Red Wyvern


The Band was created to be an elite unit that was capable of performing multiple duties. Under the command of a minor noble named Roland ir’Charnan, the unit quickly gained fame for its ability to undertake and complete any mission, no matter the odds. The roster always consisted of ten men and while the group make-up changed often when members fell in battle and were replaced, the last incarnation of the Band served together for six months before the Day of Mourning. Below is the list of the last known members of the Band, and their specialties.

CAPT. ROLAND ir’CHARNAN: Human Warlord 4 – Commander

SGT. BARNAK: Orc Fighter 3 – Second in Command

FIXIT: Warforged Artificer 3 – Support

CORT: Halfling Cleric 2 (Sovereign Host/Dragonmarked) – Support

JAGER CULL: Shifter Barbarian 2 – Scout/Skirmisher

BURKE: Changeling Rogue 2 – Infiltration

SQUEE: Goblin Fighter 1 – Archer

WALLACE: Human Fighter 1 – Infantry

HAL: Human Fighter 1 – Infantry

OLIVER: Human Fighter 1 – Infantry

On the Day of Mourning, the Band’s mission was to move behind the Thrane lines and take out their commanding officer. Before they could complete their mission, however, Burke, their infiltrator, betrayed them. The Changeling led a unit of Thrane warriors right to the Band and quickly surrounded them. Only Capt. ir’Charnan, Fixit, Hal, and Jager survived the ambush, barely escaping with their lives. Jager was attempting to find a way back to the Cyrian lines when the Day of Mourning happened. It was only by sheer luck that the Shifter survived the catastrophe. It is unknown if the remaining members of the Band survived as well, but Jager Cull is considered to be the sole survivor of The Band of the Red Wyvern.

Band of the Red Wyvern

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