20 Character Questions

1. Where were you born? I was born in the Talenta Plains to the Razor Spear Tribe.

2. When is your birthday? My birthday was on Far, the 9th of Therendor (under the dragonmark of healing)

3. What is your mother’s name and profession? Lyrae … she was a druid but died when I was eight.

4. What is your father’s name and profession? Talbot. He is a fighter and the tribe leader.

5. Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their names and professions? Jonah, my older brother by two years, was a rogue but he died during the war. Jada, my younger sister by one year. When I left she hadn’t decided yet … something to do with nature, I‘m sure.

6. Who is your favorite relative? Why? Uncle Milo, Mom’s brother. He would tell us stories when we were growing up and told me about my mother.

7. Who is your least-favorite relative? Why? Grandmother Verna, Father’s mother. She was very domineering … always pushing my father toward leadership and control.

8. What is your worst fear? Why? That I will be “found-out”, sent to Vulyar, and forced / controlled by someone else. I cannot live without freedom!

9. Who is your best friend? Why? Garret. Actually, he was Jonah’s best friend. When Jonah died, Garret and I grew close helping each other through the hard times. In fact, had I not ran we might have dated seriously …

10. Who is your worst enemy? Why? I don’t know that I have one …

11. What was the lowest point in your life? The first night Mom didn’t tuck us into bed, the day they brought my brother’s body home, and the day I ran away where the worst three by far …

12. What was the highest point in your life? That would have to be the day Uncle Milo gave me my mom’s spell pouch when I became a druid.

13. What is your most treasured possession? Why? Mom’s spell pouch and Jonah’s tangat. That is all I have besides their memories.

14. What is you favorite non-class related hobby? Practicing with my boomerang and riding Flash.

15. What is your favorite food and drink? What I “miss most” would be meat from the fire after the hunt.

16. What is your least-favorite food and drink? The “delicacies” from the Sheltering Frond.

17. What deity do you worship? Why? I follow Arawai. I have felt led to her as long as I can remember. Mom worshipped her …

18. Why do you have the alignment you do? N for my connection with nature; G for my desire to help others … those in need.

19. Why did you choose the class that you have? Strong desire/curiosity about nature and the “animals” living there. We must all learn to co-exist.

20. Why are you adventuring? “Adventuring” to help support myself while hiding and the need for friends … a good way to get to know them.

I am from the Razor Spear Tribe. Our normal hunting ground are in the central-north area of the Talenta Plains. To answer any of these questions, I must tell you about my father … My father’s family was a “domineering” family. The men learned from their father’s to be unyielding and controlling. For at least three generations back that I have met and or known, that has been the norm. Any male that didn’t follow this path was pressured and would eventually leave the tribe, some to other tribes far away and others to the cities. My brother would have been one of those having to leave if he hadn’t died during the war. I think it pleased my father that he died so as not to “weaken our family by making him leave”. Grandfather Zephrin picked my mother from a distant tribe to marry my father because of her beauty. Uncle Milo told me that Mom had tried to please him by giving him children and seeming to follow his orders. But it was not her way to yield to someone who would give nothing in return. All the love and nurturing we got growing up was from her and Uncle Milo. I remember hearing my mom crying after she thought we were asleep. Now that I think about it, it was normal to hear her nearly every night … that is except for the last week she was with us. The Death Ceremony for her was grand! I remember Uncle Milo telling us to be strong, that she was in a better place. He did not cry and I have always wondered about that. I’ve always wanted to ask him about that but never felt like someone wasn’t listening before I had to run. The tribe as a whole is probably glad that I got away from Gandal and Sarren so I didn’t have to live in a city. They are my father’s “do-boys” … whatever father asks, they do. I’m so glad they aren’t very smart! My father, I’m sure, is positively livid with me. If he got the chance, I know he would send a bounty hunter, or the like, to find me. That’s why I am hiding in a small, very remote, village. Eventually, I’m sure I will have to leave Kith’takharos if word gets out that I am here. If I knew I wouldn’t be “retained”, I would like to “apologize for running” to the tribe and to Tassadan, my “fiancée” in Vulyar. I worry about my sister Jada. Somehow, I would love to get a letter to Uncle Milo and Jada to let them know I am okay. Maybe when I learn how to change into an animal I will be able to sneak in to the tribe to see them. Until then, I ask Arawai every day to protect them … I even ask her to watch over my mom. Part of me still won’t believe she is dead … after all, she was a druid!


Kith'takharos Jenna