Jennas Journal

(Written in Druidic)

Sitting around the bonfire with everyone from the tribe after a day of hunting is what I miss most … I can still hear their laughter. It was so hard for me to leave but I knew it would slowly kill me to move to Vulyar, marry Tassadan, and help run their inn … just because he’s of the dragonmarked clan.

Father told me to pack the morning after my last big hunt. I thought it was our normal “move with the herd” … silly me. With all my things packed, I came from the tent to help take it down. Father was standing there … with two “guards”! As he explained where I was to go and why, my body went numb. When I finally realized where I was, it was late in the day and we were far from home. Flash was not with us and I began to sob. He was always around while I was growing up and I chose him as my companion when I became a druid. In sheer anguish, I cast Speak With Animals and called out to him. At first, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me until the clawfoot closest to me told me Flash was following us. I cried out in joy to him telling him to stay near and I would come to him soon.

Throughout the rest of the day, I made myself think of all those I was being forced to leave behind. I offered to make supper for Gandal and Sarren and being a Druid knew exactly what to “flavor” it with to aid in my escape. They were so deeply asleep that I didn’t have to try to be quiet. By breaking my spear and leaving it with most of my belongings, I tried to fool everyone into thinking that I had been taken. I signaled to Flash to stay as soon as I heard him. Knowing they would be able to tell the difference if I rode Flash by the depths of his prints, I walked along side him all night.

By morning, we were so tired but there was nowhere to hide. I could see mountains in the distance and decided to risk riding him. He ran like the wind. I think he would have ran himself to death if I hadn’t stopped him. Slowing his pace enough to allow me to walk with him, I tried to help him cool down. When he finally stopped panting, I created water for us. Saving as much as possible, the two of us walked on. The desert seemed to go on forever. When we could go no further, the sun was nearing the horizon. While we drank one last time, I scanned the horizon for any signs of the guards. Not seeing them, I finally allowed myself to fall asleep … on Flash’s neck.

He woke me with a “kiss”. The sun hadn’t crested the mountains, yet. We quickly finished the last of the water and continued on toward the mountains. As we started to ride, I cast Endure Elements and Longstrider on myself helping Flash be more comfortable and faster. It didn’t take us long to get through the last of the desert at that speed and without feeling the heat. We went far enough into the mountains to hide, have good grasses for Flash to eat, and for me to find food.

After watching for four days for anyone who might be following us, we finally continued our journey over the mountains avoiding as many kobolds as possible. Coming across a road, we followed it through the swamp to Kith’takharos. It took us just over two weeks to reach Kith’takharos. After asking around, I set up my home in an abandon shack outside of town.

The last month or so I have been harvesting plants and selling them to Jager, a shifter with some connections to the Jade Leaf. Sometimes it is hard for me to stay stationary, not being nomadic as before. Maybe Jager will help me calm this feeling occassionally by running deeper into the swamp than I dare go by myself.

22 Olarune I didn’t realize how much I missed the hunt until we were battling the evil cleric in the temple. Wearing my mask and becoming spiritually bonded with Flash was wonderful! While in battle, I almost felt like I was back with the tribe … now I travel with a different tribe, I guess.

The four of us seem to enhance each others strengths and cover for our weaknesses. Jager has invited me to join him in his “tree-house”. I’m not sure if he is trying to protect me as his Moonspeaker or something else. Using my spells, I have improved the roof of his house and planted “bug repelent” by the doorway to thank him for his hospitality.

We have been asked to go looking for missing harvesters on Harlass Orn. Yavanna Culand has asked us to leave tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to getting better aquainted with Jager, Skan’ Pa, and Kira.

12 Therendor It was a sad day to lose Skan’Pa. Payback will be fierce! Yavanna had us meet Scylien, a bard, to possibly take the place of Skan’Pa. I do not trust her. She claims to know where I am from and why I am here and that makes me very nervous! I wish I could talk to Uncle Milo for advice …

The night we met her, I spoke with Flash and told him about her and what she had said. I could see anger in his eyes. I have been working on Flash’s latest trick, fetch, and trying to get him to swim under water to join me as we go to the jungle island and beyond. He was able to do it faster than I thought … maybe inspired to protect me from Scylien.

Tomorrow night is our last night on this side of the tower for a while. Maybe I can get Scylien to tell stories around the fire tonight. I am a little curious as to what her secret is but I must know if she means me any harm in knowing mine! I am not good at being sneaky like Jonah or know if they are truthful. When I get a chance, I will ask Jager and Kira for their help. Now, before I fall asleep, I will ask Flash to practice “fetch” one more time with my boomerage.

22 Therendor We walked through the forest for nearly a week following trail markers that Jager had found. Everyone was taken off-guard when lizardmen and a glowing orb attacked us during the night. To our surprise, the next day we found the tower … number 5 Kira tells us.

There were a whole group of lizardmen guarding it. We killed several of them before the Shaman inside offered us a deal … we can use this tower if we bring back the metal-paged book the elves stole from them.

After the agreement was made we were taken to their town and given lodging for the night. This morning, their priest cast a spell on Scylien who now must search for and bring the book back. It’s back to the tower …

29 Therendor Tower 5 took us to tower 7 and then to tower 6 down near Pitchwall. We found out from the mayor, who seemed to hit it off with Jager, that the elves had been through resently and where he had sent them. Some of the townsfolk were repairing the city wall which had resently been attacked by bandits.

When we got to the first place the elves might have gone, we found the bandits and “convinced” them to return to Pitchwall for their comuppance … naked! Down underground we went following the elves through what seems to be an art collection. I took two pieces that glowed with magic … a jewel-eyed gold skull with necromanic magic and a wolf statue.

I am resting for a few minutes while we try to chip our way into the next tower. Hopefully soon we will catch up to the elves so we can return the book … after we look at it of course! Now, back to work.

3 Eyre The fight at the tower was very intense especially when I thought I had lost Flash. When I was sure he was dead, I fought with a vengeance for retribution against Flash. After the battle we realized Kira was missing as well as Flash’s body.

I was the first to where Flash had gone down but there was no body. Jager was able to tell that they had probably been carried away by lizard men that are my size. I was angry and yet very cautious as we followed the footprints. They went to a tribe of pygmy lizard men where they had taken Flash and Kira, healed them and were caring for them when we arrived.

Kira translated for us … the Shaman of the tribe had a vision from their god Semuanya to give us help and then take us to the next tower. They gave us a boat that was big enough to carry everyone and we sailed down the Crimson River looking for the next tower on an isle in the delta area of the river.

We were sleeping on a small isle tonight when Jager had a dream that I was pulled into. He was fighting with a creature that said it was his mother. I aided him the best I could with spells and then tried to keep him healthy when I could do her no damage. When he killed her, it changed into another creature they said was a Rakshasha. It scared Jager and I enough, we are both going to stay awake the rest of the night!

Hopefully soon we will catch up to the elves, take the book by whatever means necessary, and return it so we can then continue studying the towers and maybe even map out where each one it located. I’m going to go check on Scylien to make sure she is all right.

4 Eyre We are almost home! Goodness, I didn’t think I would ever willingly call it home. We have learned so much and still know little. It was sad and very moving when we buried Yatonshtel today. I am not sure what to say or how he will take it when I give Keyosaleigh his mother’s staff. Hopefully, Arawai will guide my words.

Jager wants to find out about his new crystal sword and will be asking Yavanna about it … she should know or be able to find out! Hopefully my father hasn’t found me yet … I would like to be a little stronger, power-wise, before I have to face him. The excitement and stress of the last few days are sapping my energy so to bed I go …

6 Eyre It is off to Newthrown we go … I am very nervous! And they say it isn’t even a big city … Jager has asked to “borrow” money from me and since there is nothing I can afford that I would want, he may have it. Besides, his improved shield will help him / us win our battles!

Hopefully Jager will let me tag along while we are in the city or maybe I could just stay near the boat … I am very excited about the boat ride to and from Newthrone! I plan to watch the sea creatures and maybe even swim as a dolphin or fly as an eagle during the trip … there is so much to learn! I need to try to sleep for tomorrow we leave.

8 Eyre Jager was very adamant about not shifting into animal form … “And what happens if something attacks you?” It is nice having an “older brother” again! Changing to the bigger boat was exciting or maybe I’m just getting more nervous about going to the city tomorrow …

13 Eyre Thank Arawai we are finally done here! When we got time by ourselves, we discussed what we should do about the “Art Museum” we found while trying to get the book back to the Lizardfolk. As a group we agreed to tell Thoms Zengar, the mayor in Pitchwall, about it in exchange for a portion of the earnings.

We needed a name for our group so we would be able to get money in any town we visit … “9 Towers” is the one we chose. It will be good to sleep on the deck of the boat tonight … I feel smothered by the walls and people in this city. Somehow, I will have to learn to get over that feeling before we get to a real city.

Jager thinks I should confront father when we head for the Talenta Plains. At least by going over land and not taking a shuttle, I will have more time to get stronger and figure out what to say to him. I have talked a little with Flash about returning to the plains. When I release him to take another companion, I’m not sure if I should take him to Jada or if he would prefer to be set free in the wilderness …

3 Dravago It is nice to be “just the four of us” again. Hopping through the towers to number 7 didn’t take us anywhere near as long this time. I don’t think I crossed the mountains anywhere near the tower … nothing seems familiar. There were trees and animals where I crossed, not this “old road” or at least it could have been one. My watch is nearly done. Time to wake Jager for his shift …

4 Dravago We found a chasm today, too big to cross without help! I turned into an eagle and flew ahead to make sure it would be safe while the others crossed. It was so much fun being a bird that I didn’t change back when they were across.

Kira found a large stone with writing on it and while examining it, everyone was “sucked” into the ground! I could hear Jager calling me and tried to dig towards his voice but I couldn’t dig very well. Jager was able to finally reach me on the surface and widen the tunnel enough for me to join them. There was a door that Jager managed to open … he realised he needed to spell “welcome” with the letters. Unfortunately, we are now trapped on the other side of the wall. Now we must find our way out …

8 Dravago It has been challenging and anxious figuring our way through the “Tomb of Arkagun”. The final battle with his guardian was extremely tense! Arawai must be guiding me … I had prayed for the spell Soften Earth and Stone and actually cast it on the guardian to improve our ability to defeat it. We are getting better at fighting as one!

As we were examining the sarcophagus afterwards, Kira found a huge diamond. When he touched it, we were all teleported to the entry room of the Tomb. Jager and I could smell a fire and meat cooking. Cautiously, we climbed up the slope of dirt to find a Hobgoblin waiting for us. She told us her name was Paadra Dhakaan and she wanted to hear about what we had seen and found.

After supper, she looked through our treasure only asking for a few items of little value to us … 3 Dhakanni coins, 2 books, and the “Blue Mace”. Before she changed her mind wanting more, we agreed. With Jager’s permission, he allowed her to examine his crystal sword and was able to help him start down the path to figure out its abilities. She even healed Scylien of her curse and disease. Paadra was tired after all the spells she had cast and has gone to meditate. Her humming is very relaxing … it is time to sleep until my watch.

18 Dravago I am sure Scylien and Jager have noticed my silence but have refrained from questioning me. After the night of our dreams and Kira’s disappearance, I had been trying to justify why Mom is still alive. It was so wonderful to find Uncle Milo out in the plains. Jager’s friend Fixit is very interesting … It seems Fixit guided them to us.

Well, our next path is set and my worst fear has been confirmed. Uncle Milo told Jager the true story of what had happened to my mom, being afraid to tell me himself. I think, being so young when she died, I had blocked out the truth and created my own fantasy of why she wasn’t with me. It is sad but good to be willing to admit the truth.

Somehow, her body has been taken and defiled by turning it into an undead. I could almost hear a “snap” in my head as Jager told me. Payback will been worse than Hell for those responsible! Unwilling to lose Flash too, Uncle Milo will return to our tribe with him and I will “talk to nature” for a new companion. When a willing Clawfoot arrives, I will name him Nemesis.

Hopefully, Uncle Milo will be able find a Druid’s Vestment for me before we leave. Now, I must prepare for my day of prayer and meditation for my companion.

20 Dravago Flash, for some odd reason, is refusing to leave my side, escaping from Uncle Milo and returning to my side as my companion. Someday, I will ask an older, wiser druid how this can be. As soon as my spell for a new companion was interupted, we packed and set off to find “my mother” hopefully putting her to rest again.

As we traveled today, I found myself breathing slowly and deeply trying to absorb everything that I had run from when I left my tribe … the smells, the sights, the animals, even the feel of the air as it rushed passed me during our ride.

We had supper prepared and the fire dimmed before the sun set to not draw attention to ourselves from animals or man. My watch is nearly complete … I think I will shift into an owl and circle our camp to check the area before I wake Jager for his turn.

We have crossed into Karnath and the trees are much more prevellent than in the Plains. Today, we finally picked up the trail of the grave poachers following them North and deeper into the trees. As an eagle, I determined there direction so we could try to decrease our distance from them.

I found great pleasure in crapping on their leader before flying back with the news. When we tripped a trap and the ground became mud instantly under our feet with Halfling Skeletons coming out of the ground and attacking, it was a very intense battle … Scylien even used her Beads harming herself to harm / destroy several of them at a time.

After turning the tides and destroying all the undead, we tried to figure out how the trap was set … the only thing we know for sure is that a high level caster is involved. I was greatly disturbed when the eagle fell from the sky striking me and my skin crawled when I noticed something glint from the sunlight … my mother’s wedding ring! I have added it to the cord that holds the Wolf Carving around my neck.

Following them the rest of the day “to the side of their trail” we finally neared a structure. Jager asked me to shift into an animal to scout out the area hopefully unseen. I chose to go as a wolf. It appeared to be an old partually destroyed fort. Every hair on my body rose when I saw and heard the maniacal laugh of a man standing near a bonfire. Tomorrow, we will circle to the other side of the fort and attempt to defeat them. May Arawai guide our steps.

It was eerie having the skeletons ignoring us until we went down the platform. Luckily we were able to stop them from all coming at us at once. We found well-preserved bodies in a room that had not been reanimated yet, making sure they wouldn’t not be able to be used before continuing on.

With time drawing near for Fixit’s spell to end, we found the room the man at the bonfire and “my mother” were waiting for us in. She taunted me trying to coax me into battle but I continued casting my spells before charging them as a Clawfoot. One of them called down fire that killed the man and greatly wounded Flash and myself before we were able to get out of its area.

“My mother” was not there afterwards escaping somehow in all the confussion. As I turned to check on my friends, I realized Fixit had gone down during the battle. Thanks be to Arawai when he stood up! He had seen a vision of where we needed to go and been given the gift of life back allowing him to return to us.

We are to return to Q’Barra where we will continue our search for “my mother”. We all have a lot to think about as we travel back to where we became a family.

9 Lharvion In Newthrone, we were able to spend the gold we got from the Tomb of Arkagun. I found a wonderful new armor that can change with me when I change into an animal! Hopefully now I will be able to help Jager in battle more. The Wilding Clasp now holds my Wolf “Charm” making it harder to hit me in a fight as well. The Druids Vestment should come in handy allowing me to change to an animal one more time a day.

I was nearly out of money, even the 5,000 gold that Scylien loaned me, when I noticed a ratty-looking leather helm … a Helm of Bonding is what the shopkeeper called it. He explained that with it, I could bond with an animal so well I could see through its eyes, hear through its ears, etc. and even be able to talk to it through our minds for an hour a day. Fixit must have seen the sparkle in my eye and then the sadness at learning the price. When we left the shop, he told me he could make it for me if I would like for only the cost of materials.

As we travel on, I will save the leather hides from our meals to use for the creation of the helm. Tomorrow, we will board a boat and return to Kith’takharos. I already miss the “Song of the Plains” … hopefully I will dream of it tonight.

On the boat today, Jager came forward and handed his journal to us to read. It was nice to learn a little more about him and why “Jager is Jager”. When I got the the entry where he talked about me, tears immediately filled my eyes making it hard to see to continue. Jager had drifted over to the other side of the deck while we read.

I was so stunned and yet honored for him to see me as his daughter. I wanted to run and leap into his arms giving him a hug, not only to show my joy and thankfulness of being thought of as his daughter but also as the vessel allowing it to actually be his daughter who may somehow be waiting in the Mournland for him to do in person. Part of me is willing right now to go on his quest, putting mine on hold, but I know he is right when he says we all need to be stronger before we go. Soon, hopefully soon.

19 Lharvion The last few days have been nearly overwhelming … mostly mentally. We found a temple in the jungle yesterday and after several attempts figured out how to enter its underground areas. When the floor fell out from under us, I landed in a room one level down. Following the only hallway, met up with the rest of the party and another person from Jagger’s past, Milla. She was locked in a cage and left to die … thank Arawai for leading us to her!

After several battles and obstacles, we found the amulet and the scepter that my “mother” is looking for. Unfortunately, when we touched one of them, its guardian animated giving us a fierce battle! Being victorious, we decided to sleep and recover in one of the room at ground-level over night.

Somehow, the Dragonshards in the items imbued everyone with a Dragonmark … even Fixit! Jagger’s was the first to show up quickly followed by eveyone else. I was afraid to look at my shoulder, feeling the itching of it as it manifested.

Burke, the traitor, soon came running to us through the jungle warning us that others were on their way to attack us. We took off into the jungle … I wilded into a Clawfoot and kept that shape for the fight when we decided to stop and fight. By the end of the battle with Azerleen and Scylien shooting at them from up in the trees, I had to run away being hurt too bad to handle much more.

Not until this morning when I was by myself did I look to see what Dragonmark I had been given … the House of Healing. Happiness and sadness coursed through me so intensly they were nearly overwhelming. What of my “arranged” marraige that can now never take place … is this a blessing or something far worse?

I will have to think about this long and hard while we walk to Kith’takharos to hopefully learn from Yavanna Culand why this has happened and see if she can help us find the third Shard, a crown. My head is already spinning …

30 Lharvion Oddly enough, it was good to arrive back in Kith’takharos today! It seemed more like home than last time … maybe because we are closer as a group, now. Scylien and I went and talked to Yavanna while the rest of the group relaxed in The Sheltering Frond.

Boy, does she like to talk! Thankfully, though, she was able to help us figure out what to look for and the direction to head to hopefully find the Crown. Milla and Jagger had a long discussion about Fate and Destiny … I am still unsure about my Dragonmark but I have determined that it gives me the ability to cast a lesser restoration spell once a day. The Aberant-Marked of the group unfortunately have not been able to figure out exactly what their Mark does. Hopefully when we leave town tomorrow, they will be able to figure it out a little better on our search.

I talked with Flash this evening about not being my companion anymore … as a fastieth, we talked and I tried to explain to him why I needed to let him go. It was very difficult to explain to him, without sobbing into his neck, that he is my best friend and it would crush my will to live if anything happened to him in battle because I was too selfish to release him. When I was sure he understood that I would be leaving him in town and return for him to take him back to my clan, I wilded back to me and we went for a ride.

We will be sleeping at the base of Jagger’s tree tonight and I will curl up against him and fall asleep hearing his heartbeat. Enough writing, it is time to sleep …

2 Barrakas We are off again … I am glad. Even though Kith’takharos is “quite small” to everyone else, I still think of it as a City. To help us find the ruins / building I will be spending much of my time as an eagle. Knowing the general direction should help but we are not sure how far we will end up traveling. I don’t think anyone realizes how much strength I am getting from them … I miss Flash. There support as well as me keeping busy is helping. Each day will get easier but I will always consider him one of my closest friends.

Pushing the limits … thinking I had to get rid of her so I could go on with my life, I have been captured. I was very foolish and have now threated the lives of my friends as well if they try to rescue me. Alone and scared, I must try to hold on … to everything, past and present. How can Mother be evil? I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it! The silence is getting to me. No wildlife, no wind, nothing. At least, I don’t think anyone is really there. Sometimes, I think I hear someone calling to me or talking to me but as far as I know, I am alone. To try to block the voices, I will sit and pray to Arawai for guidance, facing away from the door … just in case I need to cry … Never will I join her in death! If I am to die in here, I hope I go quick.

I am unsure of how long I have been here … no one has entered my cell since Mother shut the door. With no magic and very limited supplies, the two pieces of jerky and one waterskin will not go far! Still weak from the fight, I don’t know how long I will manage … maybe I should not try, just let go. But what if my family (Jager, Scylien, Fixit, Azereen, and Mila) is trying to find me and I give up too soon? No, I will hold on to life as long as possible, praying for guidance. The voices are getting more persistant …

Jennas Journal

Kith'takharos Jenna