Kiratesh Nezara grew up in a monastery in the interior of Adar on the continent of Sarlona. In this mountain hideaway of Marratari, he lived in relative peace and quiet raised by his father and his mother with love and care. They are a Psion and a Soulknife of mild accomplishment who would stop at nothing to protect their people and to eventually turn the age from one of darkness to one of light. They wanted nothing more than for their son to flourish and bring more light into the world, just as their parents wanted for them.

Just as his parents had at one time journeyed into the world to accomplish this task, so too it was expected of Kiratesh to eventually make the pilgrimage for himself. Training in the psionic arts along with fellow classmates is how he spent the formative years of his life.

Then one summer evening as the storm clouds over the mountains were darker than usual, the monastery where he lived was attacked by agents of the Dreaming Dark. They poured out of the cracks in the ground like a river bursts through a dam. Their attack was quicker than anyone expected in this heavily fortified position inside the mountains. The battle lasted well into the night and the next morning, and in the end the Dark was forced back out of the monastery and away.

There were some grief filled moments as the wreckage was filtered and the bodies were found. While many survived, no one came away from the battle unscathed. Kira’s mother had many wounds that almost cost her life while Kira’s father lost an eye. Kira himself acquired a huge gash along his back that, despite the healing abilities of the people at the temple, never healed quite right.

Many of the students were slain save twelve upperclassmen who managed to fend off most of the attacks. It was later discovered that the attack was concentrated on the schools and houses and not on any heads of state. This attack was one of hatred, as almost everyone under thirty years old was killed. The Dreaming Dark desired to send a message, one that seemed to say, if we can’t kill you, we’ll just kill your children so you all die out. The students at the school that survived were to be sent out into the world ahead of schedule.

After a tearful goodbye, Kiratesh and the eleven other classmates that survived the attack were sent out into the world. He hasn’t seen his parents since then, but his father Corresponds with him every fortnight.

He was found out by the Dreaming Dark while he was in Sharn and he would have died if it weren’t for the Atavists that happened to be there while he was being chased by several Inspired through the Cogs. He divulged his story to the local Kalashtar who hooked him up with a ship that was headed out to Q’barra. They tried to dissuade him at first, saying that they needed to protect themselves form this genocide against their children by keeping them safe. To which he replied “This is just a new tactic of those Inspired demons, just like all the others this one will fail. They will only truly win if we stop fighting, and hiding would do just that.”

Even though Q’barra is a nation peppered with Inspired more than any other in Khorvaire, it is also home to many despairing souls who need good people to help them out of their troubles. ...and Kiratesh wanted to do some good in the world at a place where it would hurt the Inspired.


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