1. Where were you born?

Shadukar, Thrane, Khovaire, Eberron

2. What is your birthday?

Sypheros the 16th, 945.

3. What is your mother’s name and profession?

Tayla Vorosh, Milner. Died in the destruction of Shadukar in 959.

4. What is your father’s name and profession?

Brandt de Varun-Varun, Merchant. Survived the destruction of Shadukar, became a privateer raiding Karnathi shipping, hanged for Piracy.

5. Do you have any siblings? If so, what are their names and professions?

Not any more.

6. Who is your favorite relative? Why?

I do not have one.

7. Who is your least favorite relative? Why?

I do not have one.

8. What is your worst fear? Why?

I do not have fears, my faith shields and sustains me.

9. Who is your best friend? Why?


10. Who is your worst enemy? Why?

All the forces of evil combined

11. What was the highest point of your life?

The moment I realized my true nature and the path my life was to take, the moment my soul was touched by Her ineffable essence.

12. What was the lowest point in your life?

As I watched Karnathi butchers raze the town I had grown up in.

13. What is your most treasured possession? Why?

My Faith… why not.

14. What is your favorite hobby?

What are Hobbies?

15. What is your favorite food and drink?

Favorite Foods? food is for sustenance, enjoyment is unimportant.

16. What is your least favorite food and drink?

anything prepared by tavern workers.

17. What deity do you worship? Why?

The Goddess of Goodness, Glory, and Light, through the medium of the Silver Flame.

18. What brought you to your current outlook in life?

It was inevitable.

19. Why did you choose your profession?

Also inevitable.

20. Why are you adventuring?

Adventuring? No. Seeking out evil and destroying it? Yes. Aiding those who seek to do likewise? Yes. Smiting the Wicked and Bringing the Higher Law to the Lawless? Yes.


Kith'takharos Mila