Compared to metropolises like Sharn, Newthrone is a backwater village. But it is by far the largest habitation in Q’barra. Situated at the mouth and eastern bank of the Whitecliff River, Newthrone bustles with trade between eastern and central Khorvaire, offering a variety of goods and services commensurate with a city many times its size. In Newthrone, traders from the Lhazaar Principalities and Breland will rub shoulders and think nothing of it.

Newthrone has expanded upriver since its founding by Duke Ven ir’Kesslan. The newest and wealthiest sections, called the Upper City, are the northernmost. The oldest and poorest areas, called the Lower City, are in the south. The Lower City includes the walled palace of Duke ir’Kesslan. Between these two extremes lay the Middle City, still respectable for the most part, though some neighborhoods are beginning the slide toward lower class. Because of the fierce storms that lash Adder Bay during the rainy season, most buildings are of stone and only a single story. Weaker wooden buildings are often blown away in the high winds that accompany the storms.

Tribes of lizardfolk make the jungles east of Newthrone dangerous. Relations with most lizardfolk have been hostile, and Newthrone has been attacked numerous times. Trading weapons and most other goods to the lizardfolk is against the law. The Marsh Hunter lizardfolk, who live about three miles east of Newthrone, do not hate the settlers as much as other lizardfolk, and sometimes trade with merchants willing to take a risk.

Places in Newthrone

Eye of Newthrone. Inquisitive agency located in the Middle City.

Galifar’s Pride. An older inn of the Middle City, founded when the city was young, and frequented by moderately well-to-do merchants. A squat and sprawling building of massive stone blocks.

Maruk’s Magical Emporium. Artificer’s shop in the Middle City, where various magic items are fabricated on commission. Bulk purchases can result in a considerable discount.

Skinned Lizard. Seedy bar near the commercial docks of the Lower City.

Swamp Dragon. Seedy bar near the commercial docks of the Lower City.


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