People of Kithtakharos

Alma (Dwarf Male). Alma owns the Last Stop general store. He loves to haggle, especially with treasure hunting outsiders. While he will wring every coin he can from the outsiders, he always treats Kith’takharos residents fairly and with respect.

Alma arrived in Kith’takharos about twenty years ago, as an outside laborer working a transport barge for House Tharashk. A Swamp Dragon attacked his barge, and he suffered severe injuries. He remained in Kith’takharos to recuperate. During the months of slow healing, Alma grew to love the tight knit community and decided that he had finally found a home.

Bome, Xanthus (Human Male, Monk). Five years ago, Lady ir’Salmissra appointed Bome as leader of the Order of the Jade Leaf militia. He had just completed the destruction of a large and well-organized band of swamp plant poachers, and the promotion was a reward for exemplary service. Xanthus has a reputation as a master of stealth and unarmed combat. Before becoming militia leader, he was the most famous swamp explorer in Kith’takharos.

Xanthus keeps his own council, and never sports a loose tongue, even after a mug or two of ale. Although Xanthus does not discuss his past in public, his speech and mannerisms sometimes betray a Brelish background.

Cennish, Stavros (Dwarf Male, Artificer). Stavros caused a sensation in Kith’takharos when he stumbled into the village a few decades ago. The first Lady ir’Salmissra granted him protection and refused the bounty hunters who demanded his arrest. Time has obscured both Stavros’ crimes and the risks Lady ir’Salmissra took to protect him. Now he is remembered as a kindly blacksmith and fabricator of minor magical items, who also mentored a young and wayward Niki Ocnita.

Stavros founded the Tipped Cup. While he would accept independent work, his primary business was with the Order of the Jade Leaf. Niki Ocnita inherited the Tipped Cup after Stavros died.

Culand, Yavanna (Dwarf Female, Expert). Long interested in extinct reptilian civilizations, Yavanna Culand jumped at the chance to relocate in Kith’takharos when Lady ir’Salmissra extended an offer three years ago. Yavanna is the official archaeologist of the Order of the Jade Leaf and reports to Dorian Orsova. She has extensively investigated Harlass Orn ruins at Kith’takharos and nearby islands, and deciphered numerous ancient writings and inscriptions.

Yavanna loves her job, and once she starts talking about the Harlass Orn, few things can make her stop. Lecturing is perhaps a better way to describe her encyclopedic expositions on every aspect of swamp archaeology. Speaking so fast that she barely has time to breathe, Yavanna often completes her points out of breath. Then she launches into the next topic before her audience can respond. Even Dorian Orsova seldom seeks her out, unless he has pressing business or some hours to spare.

Dunestal, Meryl (Human Male, Expert). House Tharashk assigned Meryl as an agent in Kith’takharos. He seeks to discover the sources of swamp plants so that House Tharashk will no longer need the Order of the Jade Leaf. Meryl periodically hires adventurers to explore the swamp, but none have found the plants he seeks.

Meryl has a dubious past. He has worked as a spy and a mercenary, and developed a reputation for salvaging the failures of lesser men. His Tharashk superior used the knowledge of Meryl’s darker exploits to force him into one last job. The maneuver dashed Meryl’s hopes of an easy life by the time he reached middle age.

Meryl hates the swamp, especially the wetness, humidity, and heat. He always wears a neck scarf to catch the sweat that rolls down his face. The House Tharashk offices are a sanctuary of magical coolness. He desperately wants to finish his work and get out, which gives him a perpetual short temper. Few in Kith’takharos like him, and most everyone avoids him. As far as the populace is concerned, about the only good thing he brings is House Tharashk gold.

Edarrion, Cylene (Elf Female). Cylene is an elegant woman who seems out of place in the heat and humidity of the swamp. She arrived in Kith’takharos ten years ago and immediately built the Sheltering Frond, a world-class inn and restaurant that serves the finest beverages and swamp delicacies. Rumors link her romantically to Dorian Orsova, but those have never been proven. In fact, the lack of proof lends the rumors credence among the populace, since it only makes sense that Dorian would be discreet enough to avoid detection.

Cylene and Lady ir’Salmissra have become great friends, and are often seen walking the parapets of Kith’takharos Keep in the early morning.

Hobert, Taryn (Halfling Male). Hobert is a good-natured lad who often lends a hand at the docks loading and unloading boats for the Order of the Jade Leaf. Cyrus Morgan hired Hobert as the Salted Eel bouncer after watching him sling barrel after barrel on and off the swamp boats. Drunken workmen and adventurers often poke fun at Hobert’s short stature, but soon gain an appreciation of his talents as they take flight in an arc that carries them from barstool to muddy street in seconds.

ir’Salmissra, Therese (Human Female, Aristocrat). Therese ir’Salmissra was the noblewoman who led the first settlers to Kith’takharos. She governed Kith’takharos for thirty years.

ir’Salmissra, Victoria (Human Female, Aristocrat). Victoria ir’Salmissra is the granddaughter of Therese ir’Salmissra, the first leader of Kith’takharos. She is still a young woman, and has only governed the Kith’takharos for ten years. Her first official act was to appoint Dorian Orsova as leader of the Order of the Jade Leaf. She works closely with him to maintain the monopoly of local swamp plant products.

Noble families outside the swamp have followed the rising prosperity of Kith’takharos. Despite the unappetizing climate of the swamp, numerous young men of noble birth have sought the hand of Lady ir’Salmissra. Even King Sebastes ir’Kesslan desires her hand in marriage, though she has refused him multiple times. The people of Kith’takharos gossip about whom she might eventually marry.

Morgan, Cyrus (Human Male). A few years ago, Meryl Dunestal hired Cyrus to explore the swamp for valuable plants. The expedition was unsuccessful, and soon after his return to Kith’takharos an infected scratch cost Cyrus his right leg above the knee. He figured there wasn’t much left for a one-legged man except alcohol, so he built the Salted Eel with his back pay. At first, Cyrus just wanted to make enough money to stay drunk, but the bar became a favorite watering hole for both local and outside dockworkers. He even had to hire Taryn Hobert as a bouncer.

Cyrus seldom speaks of his previous association with Meryl Dunestal. He refuses to criticize Meryl, yet often leaves the impression there is something between the men that has not been resolved.

Ocnita, Niki (Hafling Male, Artificer). Niki was born in Kith’takharos soon after his parents arrived, seeking refuge from some outside conflict. They died when he was still a boy, and never told him what they left behind. For a time, Niki ran the streets of Kith’takharos without a permanent home.

Stavros Cennish noticed the boy observing his work at the Tipped Cup almost every day. After a few weeks, Stavros decided that Niki’s interest was genuine, and allowed the boy inside for a closer look. Niki showed a talent for crafting magical items and soon became Stavros’ apprentice. After Stavros died seven years ago, Niki inherited the business.

Niki is known for his attention to detail and impatience with incompetence. He creates many minor magical items used by the Order of the Jade Leaf in its harvesting activities, as well as enchantments used in the processing of swamp plants. The Warforged Patch assists Niki in these endeavors.

Odessa, Jorian (Half-Elf Male, Druid). Jorian heads the harvesting wing of the Order of the Jade Leaf. Outsiders often confuse Jorian with Dorian Orsova, because they have such similar names and leadership positions within the same organization. Other than this and their dedication to Kith’takharos, the two men have little in common. Jorian is a Druid, much younger, and more flamboyant, taking risks that increase the worry lines on Dorian’s face but only bring an amused smile to the lips of Lady ir’Salmissra.

Orsova, Dorian (Half-elf Male, Expert). The Orsova family accompanied Therese ir’Salmissra to Kith’takharos, and has always been amongst the prominent families of Kith’takharos. The current Lady ir’Salmissra appointed Dorian as leader of the Order of the Jade Leaf about ten years ago. He succeeded his father, who held the same position under the previous Lady ir’Salmissra.

A man of middle years, Dorian appears plain, yet has a commanding air that naturally draws respect from those around him. He always dresses well and has an even-tempered but firm manner. Dorian has a variety of useful skills related to stealth, tactics, and administration. He is a master of disguise, and often wanders Kith’takharos dressed as a dockworker or fisherman, observing outsiders for signs of attempted encroachment in the swamp plant trade.

Patch (Warforged, Artificer). Originally from Cyre, Patch escaped the Day of Mourning and arrived in Kith’takharos about two years ago. He now works for the Artificer Niki Ocnita at the Tipped Cup.

Patch is also the Forgebrother of Fixit, a comrade of Jager Cull. Warforged created in the same “batch” at a particular Cannith forge often call themselves Forgebrothers. Both Fixit and Patch belong to a batch that became Artificers.

Patch and Fixit were assigned to different Cyran units after leaving the forge. However, they still retained a latent link that could be activated by certain types of stress or extreme circumstances, such as when Fixit died and was brought back to life by Vol. Now Patch can sense the location of his Forgebrother over distances up to at least a couple hundred miles.

Rundarig, Almus (Human Male, Expert). Capable explorer who worked for Meryl Dunestal of House Tharashk. He disappeared on a mission and was later discovered at the Temple Across the Big Water.

Thelig, Koran (Human Male, Ranger). All the citizens of Kith’takharos know the Ranger Koran Thelig and his exploits. He has hunted the fiercest beasts and rescued lost harvesters and explorers. He has visited overgrown Harlass Orn ruins and survived a host of dangers. He dedicates these deeds to Lady ir’Salmissra, which further endears him to the populace. There is no better swamp guide than Koran.

Koran often kneels on the shore near the docks, telling stories of his adventures to the young. Most of these tales have some truth to them, and Koran is careful to repeat his embellishments in the same way each time.

During the Last War, Koran served as a Brelish scout. He was stationed near Vathirond and was instrumental in stopping a surprise Warforged advance into Breland from Cyre. This is one story he does not tell around Kith’takharos.

Koran is relatively tall, standing over six feet in height. His deep, green eyes and cocky smile have earned him the eyes of many women in Kith’takharos. Koran looks younger than his forty-one years; he claims this is due to the amenable climate and the application of beneficial swamp plants. He usually dresses in simple clothes with a gold earring in his left ear. When he travels, he dons armor made from swamp plants, with his precious sword at his side and his daggers in hidden sheaths. Koran cleans and oils his sword often, for it was a gift from Lady Victoria ir’Salmissra.

Tierney, Huygens (Human Male, Warrior). Huygens was a mercenary in his early thirties, skilled in raiding commerce along the Whitecliff River. At one time the most notorious outlaw in the swamp, he was captured by Koran Thelig after ambushing a group of explorers working for the Order of the Jade Leaf. Lady ir’Salmissra judged Huygens, and he was executed by F’lunin.

The explorers ambushed by Huygens eventually became known as the Band of the Nine Towers.

Urzy, Sarruk (Human Male, Fighter). Sarruk was the consort of Therese ir’Salmissra. He was a formidable warrior and helped to defend a fledgling Kith’takharos. He also acted as an advisor to Lady Salmissra until his death.

People of Kithtakharos

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