Pitchwall was named after the black color of its palisade wall. Occasional bandit and Valenar elf raids limited population growth until the Cyran veteran Thoms Zengar arrived and became mayor. He organized a successful defense, and the town has prospered. A number of Cyran refugees have settled in Pitchwall.

People of Pitchwall

Andy (Human Male). Adolescent boy who works for Thoms Zengar.

Copper (Human Male). Owns the Fatted Calf bar.

Kooter (Human Male, Warrior). Bandit leader in the Pitchwall area.

Zengar, Thoms (Human Male, Fighter). Mayor and former Captain in the Cyran army. He was stationed at the Breland border near Vathirond, and his leg was maimed when a slain warforged fell on him. Thoms was born and raised in Lorn, a town in southeastern Cyre.


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