Swamp Plants

Jontour pushed his chair back from the table so that he could reach into his belt pouch. His fingers brushed over a few coins, a piece of folded parchment, a handkerchief. Finally, a small tin vial. He pulled it out and unscrewed the top. He tipped the end over his mug of Big Water Stout and tapped out a few grains of P’keri. Not too much…the stuff was expensive!

He smiled at the bouncer Taryn Hobert and drained the mug. Taryn watched him with a bored expression. Perhaps the Halfling wished for a bar fight. The lad certainly took exceptional relish in throwing rowdy drunks into the street. But the Salted Eel was dead in mid afternoon. Cyrus even let someone else handle the counter until dusk. The village, on the other hand, gained life as the heat of midday waned.

Jontour waited a few minutes while the P’keri grew stronger in his blood. The Order of the Jade Leaf loved the drug. They used it to hunt down criminals and protect the village, and he was glad for it. But he was an artist. In his body, P’keri was a vehicle for true greatness.

He rose from his chair and straightened his coat. He bowed to the impassive Taryn. As he pushed open the door, the dim bar gave way to bright sunlight, all the brighter when the P’keri finally hit him. He strode toward the Beacon Tower.

Faces flowed past him like water. He could feel their annoyance, anger, and pain, the stress of making it through one more day. When the P’keri surged through his veins, he could grasp those concerns, weave wondrous words around them, and toss them back, transformed into a source of joy and amazement.

A mound of Harlass Orn paving stones jutted from the ground a few feet from the tower. Jontour climbed until he stood above the market on a natural podium. He raised his arms and his voice boomed across the shifting crowd.

“I am Jontour, and I will tell you a tale such as you have never heard! A tale of love, of bravery, and of course, betrayal. Gather round, my friends. This is a tale of love, and I cannot give away the ending before you learn the beginning.” He scanned the throng. Heads were turning, children pointing. The children knew Jontour well, and tugged the hems of skirts and jackets to draw their parents forward.

A semicircle of listeners soon gathered before the paving stones. He watched the pressures of life drain away, lines of worry in their faces grew smooth. Their hunger for a tale, for a diversion, washed over him. The power of the tale built within him as the P’keri reached its maximum effect.

Jontour clapped his hands together and laughed. “My friends, have you heard the story of Sarruk Urzy and the Swamp Men?” Of course they had. But no one left.

—The troubadour Jontour recites a tale in Kith’takharos Market.

Useful plants are scattered throughout the swamps surrounding Kith’takharos. Some have helpful effects, some have more ominous consequences. The tables below list the most important swamp plants and the poisons, antidotes, and beneficial concoctions one can make from them. The names are those commonly used by the Swamp Harvesters who live in Kith’takharos Village.

Many of the plants must be processed by magical means. These skills do not come cheap. When the processing costs are combined with the relative scarcity of plants, the final products tend to be expensive. The value of the swamps plants, and the costs per dose of the antidotes and enhancements, are the usual prices offered in the Kith’takharos region. Prices in other areas will be much higher. In addition, there will be a limit to the total number of doses available for purchase at a particular time. These limits apply to all buyers in the Kith’takharos Region, except for the Order of the Jade Leaf. All costs are in gold coins.

The value of poisons are not listed, as these are generally illegal or immoral to make and use.

To create a product, take one or more of the plants listed in Table I. The result can be poison (as in Table II), or an antidote/enhancing effect (as in Table III). Note that the tables do not describe the color, consistency, or amount required of each concoction.

TABLE I: Swamp Plants

Code Name Occurrence Value Effects Used In
A S’tivator (leaf) Uncommon 10 Induces Sleep S’tivate, Vas S’tivate
B S’tivator (root) Uncommon 25 Awakens P’keri, R’lees, M’Parc, T’rastic, J’tasong
C F’lunin (pod) Rare 150 Paralyzes F’lumok, Vas F’lumok
D F’maso (leaf) Common 2 Hallucinations T’vale, J’tasong
E F’maso Common 5 Quickens S’pal
F C’pori (root) Very Rare 500 Pain P’ternic, T’vale
G T’mela (root) Rare 125 Debilitation S’liemal, S’liab, Vas S’liemal, Vas S’liab
H C’tamg (root) Rare 200 Enhance Effect Vas S’tivate, Vas F’lumok, Vas S’liemal, Vas S’liab, R’lees, M’parc
J S’ralu (stalk) Common 3 Soothes V’gar, S’pal, M’parc, T’rastic
K V’lrar (leaf) Rare 100 Heal L’reva

TABLE II: Swamp Poisons

Name Plants Effect Type Onset Time Initial Damage Secondary Damage Antidote
S’tivate A Sleep Injury, Ingested DC 13 1 min Unconsciousness Unconsciousness 1d4 hrs P’keri
F’lumok C Damage Injury DC 13 Instant 1d4 Hit Points 1d4 Hit Points R’lees
P’ternic F Damage Injury, Ingested DC 17 Instant 1d6 Hit Points 1d6 Hit Points None Known
S’liemal G Debilitation Injury DC 15 Instant 1 Con 1d6 Con V’gar
S’liab C+G Debilitation of Defense Injury DC 15 Instant 1 Dex 1d6 Dex V’gar
T’vale D+F Wounds Injury, Ingested DC 15 Instant 1d6 Con 1d6 Con + 1d6 Hit Points L’reva
Vas S’tivate A+H Deep Sleep Injury, Ingested DC 17 1 min Unconsciousness Unconsciousness 2d4 hrs P’keri
Vas F’lumok C+H Paralysis Injury DC 13 Instant Paralysis 2d6 min 0 R’lees
Vas S’liemal G+H Debilitation Injury DC 20 Instant 1d6 Con 2d6 Con V’gar
Vas S’liab C+G+H Debilitation of Defense Injury DC 18 Instant 1d6 Dex 2d6 Dex V’gar

TABLE III:Antidotes and Enhancements

Name Plants Dose Cost/Doses Available Effect Exposure Method Onset Time Duration Counteracts
P’keri B 100/100 Raises Awareness; +2 Skill Modifier to Hide, Listen, Move Silently Apply1, Ingested 10 min 1d10 hrs S’tivate, Vas S’tivate
R’lees B+H 350/40 Raises Quickness; +2 Dex Apply 1 min 1d10 hrs F’lumok, Vas F’lumok
V’gar J 50/200 Invigorates; +2 Con Ingested Instant 24 hrs S’liemal, S’liab
S’pal E+J 100/150 Raises Speed; Double Movement Rate Apply 1 min 1 hr None
L’reva K 500/10 Removes Wounds from T’vale; No Enhancements Apply 1 min Permanent T’vale
M’parc B+H+J 400/40 Strengthens; +2 Str Ingested 1 round 1 hr None
T’rastic B+J 150/80 Sharpens Sight; Grants Low-light Vision Ingested 1 round 6 hrs None
J’tasong B+D 150/60 Attunes the mind; +2 Int Ingested 1 round 1d10 hrs None
Xenia A+D+H+J 450/40 Aphrodisiac; +4 Skill Modifier to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Sense Motive vs. the Opposite Sex Apply 1 min 6 hrs None

1. Apply indicates that the antidote or enhancement can be used as a salve.

Swamp Plants

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